A big change

A big change ahead: in October this year, all our adolescent psychiatric services will be relocated to the new hospital for children and adolescents, Tays lasten ja nuorten sairaala (https://www.tays.fi/fi-FI/Toimipaikat/Tays_Keskussairaala/Taysin_uudistaminen/Etupihan_uudisrakennukset). The first adolescent psychiatric inpatient ward in Finland was opened in Pitkäniemi hospital in 1959. The 60th anniversary will certainly be a good moment for the change brought about by moving to the context of a modern general hospital and integrating to all other services Tampere University Hospital is providing for children and adolescents.

The change means a lot of work. Hundreds of details need attention! We have been planning this since 2011, but still it appears that the closer the day of moving, the more in a hurry we are with all the preparations. A burning challenge is that since our activity plans were accepted in 2012, the referrals to adolescent psychiatric care have increased remarkably, and our services have expanded. Our new facilities are not big enough for all the activities!

Personally I am really looking forward to moving to our new building in the campus of the central hospital and medical faculty, as it is absolutely irritating to drive between three campuses and lose time seeking for a parking place, like I have been doing for years. Currently my tasks require attending lots of meetings in the new location, and a new challenge is that I don’t have a workstation in the central hospital. Thus, I am drifting around the premises, hoping to get an access to a workstation between meetings so that I can commit the administrative tasks that require logging in… and in the meanwhile, tons of post is piling in my office at Tays Pitkäniemi…  https://www.tays.fi/fi-FI/Toimipaikat/Tays_Pitkaniemi

We have really got a lot of snow this year! I absolutely dislike it when I have to dig my car out of the garage in a morning when I am already a bit late, but otherwise a real winter is pleasing to the eye and calls for outdoor activities. When I went to school cross-country skiing was pure suffering for me, as I never learned the technique well and neither did I know how to prepare my skis according to the weather. After school years I have nevertheless enjoyed skiing in a forest, even if I was always one of the slowest on track. However, now I have finally progressed a little! And what is amazing, I feel that some details learned at ballet lessons are also helpful for skiing! So it is never too late to learn more. I’ll be happy with the endless the snow work at front door as it also means more opportunities for winter pleasures such as skiing in a forest